Awesome mail, not that other junk.

Welcome to Huckleberry Letters

Encouraging, motivating, and appreciating people through the art of letter writing.

Huckleberry Letters was founded on the idea that people like getting mail, cool mail, like letters and cards from nice, interesting, and adventurous people.  People of all ages like the personal touch of a handwritten letter.  Some even like the idea of getting a typed letter that was typed on a vintage typewriter, not a computer.  

But real handwritten letters seem to be a lost art that have taken a backseat to the convenience and speed of technology.  Huckleberry Letters is prepared to help solve the problem of losing the art of letter writing, while also engaging people with a weekly form of entertainment and giving them opportunities to read stories they will not receive from anyone or anywhere else.  It will be like receiving an original short story, but in letter form, from a friend each week.

Perouse our selection of memberships and check out the FAQ for even more information on our unique service.  But before you move on to all the awesome things we offer, one last bit of info that might interest you is that Huckleberry Letters believes in giving back, so for each paid monthly membership, Huckleberry Letters will donate 5% of the membership fee each month to Veterans Affairs.