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Terms and Conditions

By using Huckleberry Letters services I agree to allow Huckleberry Letters to handwrite me letters or transcribe my content into a handwritten letter on my behalf.  I agree if there is anything deemed inappropriate in the content provided to Huckleberry Letters that Huckleberry Letters has the right to reject my order.  In the event that communication is deemed unsolicited by anyone involved in this transaction, Huckleberry Letters will not be held liable for any damages, legal or otherwise, resulting from the letter/letters.  I understand that the U.S. Postal Service does not offer tracking on first class postage and Huckleberry Letters will not refund orders after having been placed in the mail.  I further understand and agree that 5% of my order will be given to charity.  I understand that Huckleberry Letters and its associates will make every effort possible to keep all member/customer information strictly confidential and that no other contact will be made, except what service was paid for, without express written consent.  I understand letters will be written in English.  I understand that any correspondence paid for may be post marked from anywhere without additional postage fees.  I also understand that Huckleberry Letters reserves copyright privileges for all work, paid and unpaid, written by Huckleberry Letters authors.