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Awesome Surprise Mail $25 Monthly

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Awesome Surprise Mail $25 Monthly

Awesome Surprise Mail subscription is a service that couldn't be better!  Huckleberry Letters will send out two letters (or postcards or poems or cards or a combo) a month, one every other week, to the lucky person you give this special gift to!   

We will write the recipient letters full of encouragement to help get them through tough days or keep them excited on the good days!  Plus, there's no requirement to write back so if your recipient is a student, for example, and they have a ton of homework and can't bare the thought of one more thing to do, their letters will keep coming.

We will handwrite the letters in cursive or print or you can choose to have the letters typed on a vintage typewriter.

And with every monthly subscription your recipient will receive a birthday card each year. 

Important: After checking out please go to the "Recipient and Sender Information" form and fill it out completely.  This form must be filled out so we know who to send awesome mail to.

Have more questions?  Please check out our FAQ page and if that doesn't help, please contact us.