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Encouraging Weekly Postcards $25 Monthly

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Encouraging Weekly Postcards $25 Monthly

Wouldn't you (or someone you know and love) like to get a postcard once a week from awesome places?  These postcards can be filled with encouraging bible verses or just have a happy message to encourage recipients through their week. 

For a mere $25 a month members will receive 4 postcards, 1 each week, from all over the world!  The postcards will sometimes even be vintage, from days gone by. And EVERY postcard will be addressed and written to the member themselves.  

In addition to the 4 monthly postcards, each monthly member will receive a birthday postcard each year. 

The postcards you receive may not be mailed from the place where the postcard is from but the excitement of getting a real handwritten postcard from a new friend is pretty exciting all the same.

These awesome postcards will be riddled with happy thoughts, funny sayings, thoughtful sediments, or some educational facts about the places on the postcards.

Each postcard will be handwritten in English.  Sorry, postcards will only be handwritten.

All postcards will be mailed out via USPS within 5 business days following the successful initial payment and the same day each week following.

Important:  After checking out, please go to the "Recipient and Sender Information" form and add any information that would make these already awesome postcards even MORE awesome for the recipient to receive.  This form must be filled out so we know who to send awesome postcards to.  Also, please note if the recipient would like the postcards to include bible verses.