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Awesome Bimonthly Letters $25 Monthly

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Awesome Bimonthly Letters $25 Monthly

For $25 a month members will receive two letters each month, one letter every other week.  Each letter is an original letter, written personally to each member from someone here at Huckleberry Letters.  Each and every letter is personally handwritten, researched, and thought out by a real person, not a computer.  It will be like receiving an original short story, but in a letter from a friend.  

Are you wondering why you would want to receive a letter from a stranger?  Well, you'll only be strangers until after the first letter...then you will begin knowing your letter writer as a friend.

Huckleberry Letters does not require members to write back.  So members are free to sit back and relax and enjoy knowing someone will be thinking of them and writing to them.

In addition to bimonthly letters each member who is in the monthly membership will also receive yearly birthday cards.

Letters will be written in English.  Cursive, print handwriting, or vintage typewriter are all available to choose from.

All letters will be mailed out via USPS within 5 business days following the successful initial payment and the same day each week following.

Important.  After checking out, please go to the "Recipient and Sender Information" form and add any information you would like us to know about the recipient that would make our letters more personal and enjoyable for you, him, or her.  This form must be filled out so we know who to send awesome mail to.

Need more information?  Please check out our FAQ page or contact us with any questions.